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​Lisa Abbascia - Director

Lisa holds a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from The Boston Conservatory at Berklee, majoring in Dance. She is a member of Dance Masters of America, through which teachers and students are offered workshops and seminars to aid in the ever growing world of dance. Her never ending interest in kinesiology has led her to become a member of IADMS ~ International Association of Dance Medicine & Science were she brings valuable knowledge to her staff and students.

Lisa took her first dance steps at the age of four, began assistant teaching at 16, had her first professional job as a dancer at 21 and has been involved in the art of dance ever since.

After receiving her degree, Lisa ventured to New York City continuing her studies under well known studios such as Broadway Dance Center, Phil Blacks, and Steps and Peridance . While living in New York, she taught classes at Dance Street and choreographed for Tonetic's Dance Co.

Lisa has traveled the Caribbean with Carnival Cruise Lines as a professional dancer and has performed locally with Octoberfest Theater and Reagle Music Theater of Gretaer Boston in "A Chorus Line", "West Side Story", "Me and My Girl", and "My Fair Lady" to name a few!

Although directing Back Stage Dance is her first priority, Lisa enjoys her continued studies in dance, music, and theater. Lisa is happy to share over 40 years of teaching experience with her students and looks forward to many more!

Lauren Ward


Stephanie Dickerson

Stephanie has been a faculty member at Backstage for over 18 years . She has performed in various regional and national competitions with her main focus on Jazz dance. While attending The University of Rhode Island, Stephanie was a member of the Ramettes, a prestigious dance team that traveled and performed nationally. During this period she studied the urban styles of Jackie Henderson, director of the renowned hip-hop troupe, "Off the Curb". Stephanie attends professional classes in Boston, and the Knicks City Dancers "Boot Camps" in New York



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