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Class Descriptions
Class Descriptions


Creative Dance  (55 min)

Play is critical in the development of a child.  Our classes are not so constricting that the sense of play is lost, nor are they so free and unstructured that there are no accomplishments.  Classes focus on body awareness, stretch, imagery and balance.  Children are encouraged to explore and express their individual self through movement.  This class is great for first year students.


 Ballet/Tap (55 min)

This class continues a similar structure with the added introduction of tap.  Lessons include exercises in timing, rhythm, coordination and memorization skills.

​Ballet/Tap/Jazz (55 min - combination class)

This class is an extension of the previous classes with an extended focus on dance vocabulary, singing, memorization and performance skills. Dancers will be introduced to jazz basics. Students are exposed to the history of dance, explore various ballets and are introduced to drama.

​Ballet/Hip Hop/Tap (55 min- combination class)

This class teaches the foundations of ballet, hip hop and tap.

​Modern (55 min)

A form of dance that goes back to nature and to “natural movements”.  By studying modern dance, you will have the opportunity to experience many ways to move your body.  Its form is non-restricting and may consist of movements such as bending, swinging, twisting, curves and contractions.


Hip Hop (55 min)

Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. 


​Jazz (55 min)

Class consists of warm-up, stretch, technique, movement across the floor and choreography in many different styles, such as lyrical jazz, funky or broadway.

​Tap (55 min)

Dancing that is vibrant, joyful and fun to do!  Many steps require concentration and practice.  Through the study of tap dancing you can develop strong legs, feet, stomach and back.

​Classical Ballet (55 min)

This is a class that makes your body exceptionally strong and lithe.  It can serve as an excellent foundation for all types of body movements.  Classes consist of barre, center work, adagio, jumps and movements across the floor.  Extensive ballet vocabulary is taught along with clarity, precision and correct body placement.

​Lyrical (55 min)

This style of dance includes technique and is performed to music with lyrics. There are many variations of this poetic style of dance. In all cases the dancer's body is telling the viewer a story.

​Showbiz Kids - Musical Theater

This class includes singing, dancing and acting!  Otherwise known as a "Triple Threat" in the world of show business.  This class will develop self esteem, creativity and build confidence that can benefit a child in many aspects of their future.


Acro Jazz (55 min)

The Acro class combines classical dance technique with acrobatic elements.  The class includes jazz as well as tumbling (using mats).  There is a warm up and the structure is the same as all other dance classes.  No gymnastics background is required. 

Theater (55 min)​

In this class students will study many different aspects of developing acting skills.  Theater games and improv will assist in the process along with movement, voice, learning lines, mime and more.  Each class varies depending on age groups and levels.

​Rockin' Tots/Tots in Tutus (30 min)

This is a parent and tot class that is filled with singing and dancing with props, instruments and more.


Perpetual Motion (45 min)

This class will include music and different styles of fun dance movement for children with cognitive disabilities.


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