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Thank you for the Girl Scout hula hoop class. The girls thoroughly enjoyed it and Miss Carolyn was an awesome instructor!

Brownie Troop

Holliston, MA

Very fun way to learn basic skills! My daughter is loving her ballet and tap class... Especially that they sing and dance!!!



Holliston, MA

Our experience at Backstage has been wonderful! My daughter has been a dance student for the past 12 years. She has taken a variety of classes starting at the age of 4 (Ballet, Tap, Jazz and currently Modern). The teachers are kind, caring and want to see the students be the best dancers they can possibly be! The Zumba classes for adults are a blast! The instructors are fun and the workout is awesome!


Holliston, MA

"ZUMBA on Tuesdays is helping me get back in shape after Baby #2!  Excited to try out the new 20-20-20 class.  Love Backstage Dance!!!"


Ashland, MA

"I have been taking Zumba classes for 4 months at Backstage.  Before doing Zumba, working out had always been isolative and a chore.  The Zumba classes at Backstage don’t feel like workouts.  The routines are fun, the music is uplifting, and the staff is so genuinely friendly I look forward to warm smiles and conviviality.     


Healthy workouts, and a more toned body are great, but that’s not all.  The classes are so flexible.  Some classes have child care available.  And other classes are scheduled back-to-back with my daughters’ ballet classes.  My daughters enjoy the ballet classes so much and one daughter performed in her first recital this year.  I appreciate the socialization, the arts education, and the disciplined character development from which my daughters benefit.


Thanks Backstage!"


Holliston, MA

"There are plenty of closer places to take Zumba, but I willingly drive 30 minutes to come to Backstage Dance! The instructors are fun and keep the routines fresh. I love their music choices and they can break down the moves so that even someone with two left feet, like myself, can follow easily. They are expanding their offerings to include Toning, Barre and a 20-20-20, and I am eager to try all of these. Zumba is challenging, but with the right instructor, music and routines, it's so much fun!!"


Marlboro, MA

"Thanks so much for the wonderful recital yesterday!  We really appreciate all the time and creative energy your staff contributed to make the show so successful!"


Holliston, MA

"The Zumba classes are a great mix of exercise and dancing.  Everyone, from the instructors to the other members, are friendly and encouraging.  Love it!"


Holliston, MA

"My daughter has been coming to Backstage since she was 3 and now I am doing Zumba there as well.  For both of us, classes are fun learning experiences with no pretense whatsoever."


Holliston, MA

"I have been doing ZUMBA for years and enjoy the classes at Backstage.  I love the new 20-20-20 class!  It gave me a great overall workout and toned all of the muscle groups.  It's great that I can use my one fitness card for all of the classes.  Thanks Backstage for supporting my health and fitness with a variety of fun classes!"


Ashland, MA


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