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How important are the arts? Right up there with vocabulary and literacy, claim many educators who advise parents to begin engaging their children in arts activities early on.


Researchers say there’s reason to believe music stimulates their brain, dance helps develop motor skills, and drama teaches emotions and problem solving.


DRAMA helps with a child’s development in many ways.


  • Drama builds confidence

  • Drama helps concentration

  • Drama helps develop language & communication skills

  • Drama encourages children to co-operate

  • Drama supports numeracy skills

  • Drama helps children understand the world around them

  • Drama develops emotional intelligence

  • Drama assist physical development

  • Drama develops creativity

  • Drama nurtures friendships


“Showbiz Kids” Classes consist of Music, Dance and Theater! Otherwise known as Musical Theater. In this class children can benefit from all three arts!


“Drama Club” Class focuses mostly on drama. Building Characters, memorizing lines, developing skills and putting together short skits. Drama Club students benefit greatly when auditioning for a part in a school play or musical when they participate in drama club because they are learning the basic skills needed to get the part in a play they dream of.


“Ashland Children’s Theater” is open to all local children. Auditions are held for a specific play or musical which is performed following the 10-12 week session of preparation. This group offers children and opportunity to work on theater skills and gain stage experience. 

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